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Healthy gums have a pink color and are firmly attached to the teeth. However, if the gums are inflamed, it may bleed when brushing or eating. The gums can also be red, limp and swollen. In general, inflamed gums do not cause damage to the gums themselves or the jawbone. With a limited group of people this will eventually be the case; we then speak of periodontitis. Periodontology Oss focuses on the supporting tissues of teeth and molars. A laser treatment Oss at Tandheelkunde Oss can solve this problem. This is a painless method with which we have a lot of experience.

Cause periodontitis

The cause of periodontitis lies in the fact that many people do not remove dental plaque properly, which is a layer of bacteria that adheres to teeth and molars. With periodontitis the gums let go of teeth and molars. The pocket, the narrow space between gums and tooth or molar, therefore becomes deeper. Here (again) a layer of dental plaque and often also calculus forms. Ultimately, this causes the breakdown of the jawbone, causing teeth and molars to come loose and finally fall out.

Periodontitis treatment

In our clinic we can determine with certainty whether you have periodontitis through the use of a pocket probe and X-rays. By means of extensive dental cleaning with the EMS Airflow prophylaxis master dental plaque and calculus are removed in the visible area. After determining the pocket depth, we start the initial therapy. A laser treatment Oss is a very effective and painless method for this, periodontology Oss helps with this.

Guided Biofilm Therapy

How it works

The laser recognizes the tartar itself and does not damage crowns and fillings. The treatment can be performed in one session. Anesthesia is possible, but not necessary. The action of the laser also kills the bacteria to a large extent.

If the 1st periodontitis treatment gives insufficient results, we can perform a so-called diode laser photodynamic therapy at a later time; the bacteria in the pockets are effectively killed.

For very severe periodontitis, surgical treatment or antibiotics can be a solution. If your oral hygiene is good, the gums will heal and fully attach to the teeth. Bleeding gums and possible swellings will disappear quickly. With good, daily oral hygiene you can prevent periodontitis again. The rinsing with chlorhexidine 0.06% and the use of a mouth shower are the conditions.


Not all people who have gum disease also get periodontitis. However, be warned if:

  • the gums bleed when brushing their teeth or eating hard things, such as apples;
  • the gums are sensitive or painful when brushing your teeth;
  • receding gums, making the teeth appear to be longer;
  • the position of one or more teeth changes automatically;
  • teeth become detached;
  • you suffer from a bad taste;
  • you suffer from “bad breath”.

Treatment inflamed gums

Treat periodontitis yourself? You can usually treat a beginning gum disease yourself, if there is periodontitis, we recommend you make an appointment with the dentist.

We refer to periodontitis when the inflamed gums cause damage to the gums or jawbone. A major cause of this is that people cannot properly remove dental plaque themselves. In the worst case, teeth and molars come loose, which ultimately makes them fall out. Heal inflamed gums? Dentistry Oss gladly performs the Periodontology Oss treatment for you. Curious about laser gum treatment? Contact us and make an appointment.

Laser treatment Oss

When inflamed gums cause damage to the gums or jawbone, we speak of periodontitis. Have inflamed gums treated with a laser treatment at Tandheelkunde Oss. Dental plaque and calculus will be removed during an Laser treatment. Thanks to a laser the treatment of periodontitis is effective and also painless. Wondering if a laser treatment also applies to you? Then contact us and make an appointment.

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